Wizard Washer Kit

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Product Overview

1/4" Wizard Washer Kit - poly

Protect Against Premature Roof Drain Corrosion

Electrolysis is the biggest threat of roof drain corrosion. It occurs when two dissimilar metals are pressed together (e.g. metal bolts/washers and roof drains), resulting in an increased corrosion rate, broken seals (leaks), and ultimately premature replacement.

Fortunately, Hy-Tech created is a simple, cost-effective solution that’s been used by plumbers for decades.

1/4-in Wizard Washer Kit

Wizard Washer Kits include:

  • 1 roll of Teflon tape (1/2-in. x 60-in.)
  • 4 flat, white 1/4-in. poly washers.

By applying the tape to the bolt and placing the washers between adjoining metal surfaces, you can create a dielectric connection that helps to avoid electrolysis-caused damage. 

Wizard Washers are strong enough to be used in place of manufacturer bolt kits, and:

  • Won’t crack in cold weather.
  • Won’t melt under extreme roof temperatures.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review