21500 15"Bowl 2-6" w/ Dome [specify Poly or CI]

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$135.50 - $208.50

Product Overview

Build a Josam 21500 15" Bowl [Poly Dome standard unless specified]


The Josam 21500 series coated cast iron roof drain offers a large polypropylene locking dome, large sump with wide roof flange, and a bottom outlet. Its WEJLOC non-puncturing clamp ring includes an integral gravel stop.


The 21500 roof drain can be used on any sized roof and with any type of construction. Its large slotted dome offers maximum free area for quick rainwater drainage while simultaneously protecting the drain sump and connecting piping from debris. The WELJOC compression flashing clamp holds the membrane or flashing securely to the drain body. 

Type No. Pipe Size Lbs. Type No. Pipe Size Lbs.
21502 2 36 21506 6 40
21503 3 37 21508 8 42
21504 4 38 21509-Z 10 43
21505 5 39 10+ Available in no hub only


Options and Specifications

Find Josam 21500 roof drain options and engineering specifications:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review