Zurn Z100 No Hub 15" Bowl 2-4"

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Product Overview

Z100 15" Bowl

The Zurn Z100 15-in. commercial roof drain has a dura-coated cast iron body. It offers a combination membrane flashing clamp / gravel guard, and a low silhouette poly-dome. Aluminum, cast iron and plain bronze domes are also available.

The drain outlet is available as inside caulk (IC), threaded (IP), no-hub (NH) or neo-loc (NL).

Pipe sizes and weights: 

Pipe Size Approx. Weight (lbs)
2 to 4 in. 26
5 and 6 in. 27
8 in. 28


Options and Engineering Specs

Find Zurn Z100 roof drain options and engineering specifications:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review