Josam 22010 Combo Kit

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Product Overview

Josam 22010 Combo Kit [Ring, Dome & Hardware]

The Josam 22010 Combo Kit was created for repairing the Josam 22010 12-in. Roof Drain. This kit includes:

  • One cast iron dome
  • One 22010 drain ring
  • One bolt kit

Josam 22010 Cast Iron Dome

  • Outisde diameter: 10.25-in.

Josam 22010 Drain Ring 

  • Outside diameter: 11-in.
  • Inside diameter: 10.25-in.
  • 180° Bolt to Bolt: 9-in.
  • Adjacent Bolt to Bolt: 6.25-in.
  • This ring will replace the Blake 77776 ring.

Josam Bolt Kit

  • Includes 4 bolts

About the Josam 22010 Roof Drain

The Josam 22010 cast iron Roof Drain is used on mid-sized roofs of any construction where a medium sized drain is required. The flashing clamp holds the membrane or flashing securely to the drain body. The medium sized beehive dome provides ample drainage for smaller roof decks and intercepts debris.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review