Zurn Z121 Topset Deckplate

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Product Overview

Zurn Top Set Deck Plate for Z121

Zurn Top Set Deck Plate for the Z121 Roof Drain

The Top Set Deck Plate for the Zurn Z121 12-in. Roof Drain allows for complete topside installation, eliminating costly and dangerous underdeck roof drain assembly.

It’s Fast – Install roof drains in half the time as conventional methods. The bolt down system integrally secures the roof drain assembly to the roof deck.

It’s Secure – A unique design combines a traditional roof sump receiver with deck clamp to provide a more secure, long-lasting installation.

Product Advantages:

  • No underdeck clamp required
  • Serves purpose of roof sump receiver
  • Can be pre-assembled to drain body – great for pre-fab applications.
  • 14-gauge steel with corrosive resistant finish.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Create opening in roof (Q-deck) to receive drain assembly.
  2. Fasten drain body to deck plate by aligning the (4) bosses on the body and (4) slots on the plate using hex-head cap screws.
  3. Drop body-plate assembly into the pre-cut opening in the roof.
  4. Align deck plate attachments slots with the desired position in the roof and fasten the assembly to the roof with self-tapping screws.
  5. Cover the roof, including the body plate assembly with waterproofing membrane and insulation if applicable.
  6. Fasten flashing clamp to the body assembly and attach the dome.

Top Set Deck Plate


(No reviews yet) Write a Review