Marathon Aluminumtor Drain Ring

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Marathon Aluminumtor Drain Ring

Marathon Aluminator Drain Ring.

This ring is used on the Marathon Aluminator Insert Drain.

It is listed in the Drain Wizard as a 3 bolt ring., by the inner bolt circle dimensions.

This is a 6 bolt ring with closed bolt holes. This ring has two 3 bolt circles, an inner and outer. The ring actually has a third bolt circle of 6 bolts on the very outer edge of the ring, it has a Bolt-to-Bolt of 9" at 180 Degrees. But the drain it goes on only uses the two inner bolt circles to attach to the drain, whichh has threaded stud protruding up from the flange.


O.D: 10-1/4"-in.

Adjacent Bolt-to-Bolt: 5-3/4"" [inner bolt circle], 7" [outer bolt circle]

Casting#: E-2 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review