Marathon Universal Mara-Boot

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Product Overview

Marathon Universal Mara-Boot

The Marathon Universal Mara-Boot creates a permanent, watertight and maintenance-free seal for penetrating roof systems. The Mara-Boot can be used on all roof system types, and replaces the need for pitch pans.


  • EPDM rubber cap and spun aluminum base.
  • EPDM cap provides maximum resistance to weathering, ozone, UV, and extreme temperatures.
  • Caps are mechanically sealed to dual beads on the Mara-Boot aluminum base and grooves on the inside of the EPDM cap.
  • Maintenance free application.
  • Each cap accommodates (2) 1/4-in., 1-1/2-in., 2-in. and (2) 3/8-in to  1/2-in., ¾-in., and 1-in. pipe sizes.
  • Supplied with 4 SS clamps.
  • 14-in. diameter flange.
  • Standard 9-in total height with rubber boot.
  • 8-in. stack diameter.
  • 6-in. stack height.
  • Standard black boot (available in white as an option).

Marathon Universal Mara-Boot


(No reviews yet) Write a Review