Watts RD-200-SO Side Outlet Roof Drain Specs

Dimensional data is subject to manufacturing tolerances and change without notice. 

Specifications: The Watts Drainage RD-200-SO is an epoxy-coated, cast-iron, side-out roof drain with flashing clamp. It includes an integral gravel stop, self-locking polyethylene dome, and no hub (standard) outlet. 35 sq. in. of free area.


Pipe Size (in.) A B C
2" 4-5/8" 7-1/4" 11-5/16"
3" 4-3/32" 5-3/4" 9-13/16"
4" 3-5/8" 4-1/32" 8-3/32"




Outlet Types

No-Hub Outlet (-NH)
Push On (-P)
Threaded Outlet (-T)
Inside Caulk (-X)




Galvanized Body & Flashing Clamp (-13) Rough Bronze Dome (-K81)
Sump Receiver (-B) SS Mesh Covered Aluminum Dome (-K83)
Stainless Steel Ballast Guard (-GSS) Vandal Proof Dome (-L)
Ductile Iron Dome (-K) 2-in. External Water Dam
Aluminum Dome (-K80) Adjustable Internal Water Dam (-W)