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Josam is one of the oldest drain manufacturers in the industry, as well as the U.S. as a whole. Josam was first established in St. Louis, Missouri during 1914, but later moved productions to Michigan City, Indiana in 1917.The oldest catalog Hy-Tech has on file is from 1919 (Josam Catalog No. 3). We also have several Josam Catalogs from the years 1936 and 1938. At one point in time, Wade was a part of Josam, but the SEC forced a separation.

Josam older drains are known for having a unique clamping system, called “410 Post Clamps”, which resemble a small house or ladder. These parts are often called Ladder Clamps. The clamps attach to a stub on the drain bowl to secure the ring with a screw. This design allowed the ring to be secured without penetrating the roof membrane. Josam is one of the few roof drain rings we’ve been able to fit on an old Blake Roof Drain successfully.

Josam’s new roof drains use a standard bolting system and the company offers a range of products, such as Zurn, Smith and Wade. However, Josam does not offer as many options or variations for older material, such as extensions for their post clamp style drains.

Boosey and Blake are also older manufacturers in the industry, so you’ll notice all three have similar drain designs. Josam has done business with Blake Specialty Company in the past, although the exact connection between the two companies is still unclear.